Parents are often regarded as the role model of every kid in the world. However, it is not always likely for each kid to have the same fate. Like here, the 3-year old Niu Niu, who is a popular kid model who has worked for multiple clothing brands in China was physically abused by her own mother.

Several video footages came up proving that she practiced child abuse several times on her daughter. In the first clip, she was spotted kicking her daughter and saying:

I’ll kick you to death, do you believe it? pick up the flower right now, don’t piss me off during shooting.

Apparently, Niu Niu worked all day on April 6, 2019.

While defending herself, the mom came up with these comments:

No parent could claim that they have never beaten their child. I rarely beat my child normally.

She also said that Niu Niu did not suffer any injuries from being kicked and therefore, she did not cry.

However, not just one there are more videos that suggest that she does abuse her child on a rather regular basis. Here, in a video from March 2019, she is spotted threatening and then hitting Niu Niu with a coat hanger.

In another video, she is spotted saying:

say hello, quick, say hello. Smile for me. Shake your bum, swirl

After which, Niu Niu immediately changes her facial expression to work mode, right away.

There have been many cases suggesting the mom physically and verbally abuses her child regularly. Despite all the claims, the mom thinks that stores are just acting mean to her for some reasons whereas other parents are jealous of her daughter’s success.

No matter who’s right or wrong, we hope that Niu Niu retains her cute smile and never ever gets physically or verbally abused again due to work-related issues.


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