As we speak right now, there are loads of people squaring off others on PUBG currently. On the other side, we have millionaires with so much money that they like to spend it on some very lavish things. In some cases, these lavish things are mostly expensive cars, hotels, sports cars but here, a millionaire is making use of his money to turn a private island into a real PUBG map.

Credit: Google

According to a story, there is full real-life game planned on the island where people will actually come and the winner will walk away with a price, a good thing finally happening, eh?

However, we are not very sure about how this competition will pan out but insider info reveals that the last person standing on the island will win £100,000. It is going to be a 12-hour campaign where players will get amenities such as camping and food equipment. Though, for the wanderers, yes, no one is going to be actually killed in this competition as an airsoft gun will be used here instead of obviously using a real gun.

Credit: Google

This event is going to churn up lots of money but the millionaire involved is not much worried about the financials. With this event going on the island, interested game-makers are welcomed to contribute to making the game even more interesting.

Regardless of the financials involved, one can only wonder the entertainment this event is going to bring in. Considering the fact PUBG is one of the most played games in the world already, this real-life turnover of the famous game is going to be one of a kind event that will be filled with excitement from fans all over the world.


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