You do a lot of things on a daily basis and many of them don’t even count. You might not even know about something you did would have made people judge you and reveal characteristics about your personality. People could even judge your personality by the way you shake hands! That’s pure psychology that defines this. A hug is another form of interaction that would give people a rough idea of your personality.

Below we discuss what and how could the way you hug define your personality:

Hugging from behind with your arms wrapped around their waist.


This type of hug is not something that everyone gets or say deserves from you or by you. It’s reserved for the someone special in your life. And this defines you are protecting your significant other and don’t want them to ever go away.

Putting your hand in your partner’s pocket.


This way of hugging shows that you’re comfortable with your partner and your relationship. You are relaxed as well, making you an amazing combination.

3. Hugging with a pat on the back.


This is a general hug that’s usually between friends and family. Nothing from this kind of hug shows any sort of relationship or attraction. This way means you are comfortable and friendly.

Hugging and looking into each other’s eyes and being lost.


Having an unbreakable eye contact indicates indicate an emotional lovely attachment. That basically means all you care about at that moment is your partner. Nothing else matters at all.


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