One of the most beautiful and intimate feelings partners can have is to share a kiss. But, did you know that each kiss means something? Especially, when it is with your partners. Yes, your partner chooses to kiss different parts of your body with a different feeling.

If you want to know how your partner really feels about you, you should notice where he kisses you on your body.

1. If he kisses you on your neck.

This clearly means that he has romantic feelings for you. I mean, you don’t really kiss someone on the neck if you don’t love them or feel intimately close with them.

2. If he kisses you on your forehead.

This means that he wants to take care of you. It also means that he is protective towards you, and definitely wants you to know that he feels it is his responsibility to care and protect you.

3. If he kisses your hand. 

Well, for a first date it is acceptable, but in a long-term relationship, this means that he likes to flirt with you.

4. When he kisses your wrist.

Well, kissing on the wrist is a way of letting you know that he s definitely feeling something down under and trying to seduce his way through it.


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