With the evolution of the internet and social media, there are many things that people share online. These things are just to show people what they do with their lives and kinda for showing off sometimes. But also there isn’t any authenticity check to see if it’s true or just for photo purposes. In simple words, people cannot be trusted now on social media.

These photos will show you people cannot be trusted:

1. This guy might be the poorest guy or just a good troll.


Or maybe he didn’t want to save it for later.

2. Super relatable, isn’t it?


Every time you’re like should I even show this person that I saw him or just move on like nothing happened?

3. Henna tattoos last a couple of weeks and this guy wanted it on his upper lips…


Having fake mustaches for some weeks would have been good but, this…

4. Tell me this isn’t a Pizza delivery guy!


He cannot be trusted for carrying any kind of pizzas. I hate him for holding pizzas like this.


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