There is a fine line between being loved by someone and being used for pleasure. But, it is really tough for someone to differentiate between both. But, if you know which signs to look out for, you will definitely save yourself from a heartbreak.

If you notice these signs in your partner, know that you’re just being used for pleasure.

1. He doesn’t really open up about his emotions.

This is the commonest of all signs. If somebody isn’t close to you emotionally, but only comes around when he needs you physically, let go of him.


2. Is only interested in making love.

How could you not sense something fishy? If s*x is the only thing that makes him wanna stick around, he is definitely just using you for pleasure.


3. Still talks to his exes.

Rule no. 1 of any relationship, you are not supposed to be in contact with your exes let alone talk to them and meet them up. If he is doing this, you know what to conclude.


4. You feel like a stranger around him.

He’s always busy with absolutely anything else that’ll keep you at bay. He barely wants to talk to you about future or anything for that matter.



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