Game of Thrones is one such drama series that people have begun to watch religiously. But, there are few among the billion who are still oblivious to the world of Game of Thrones. Well, their bad luck, but, one thing I can definitely assure you about is that once you get a good look of all the hottest actresses that are in the show you will hardly be able to resist it!

The hottest actresses of Game of Thrones that make watching the show really worthwhile!

1. Emilia Clarke.

The protagonist and one of the strongest characters in the show are Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clarke. Her performance is absolutely spell-bounding and her hotness, well, you better be the judge of it!

Game of thrones hottest actresses

2. Lena Heady.

She is one bad seductive b*tch as Cersei Lannister. She definitely pulled off the role like a boss. The “wicked queen of the seven kingdoms” is definitely a strong contender for the “throne”.

3. Esme Bianco.

Well, she did have a sad ending, thanks to that evil prick King Joffrey who decided to use her as a target practice for his newly acquired crossbow. But, you can’t deny that her s*x appeal was way beyond imagination.

4. Sophie Turner.

If you think that Sansa Stark is all but a pretty face you should seriously start binge-watching the series. You’ll get to know all about what lies beneath that pretty face of hers.


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