Love making is something that definitely makes us experience a lot of changes. But, the changes are definitely different between the male and the female body. You’ll be amazed to see how the female body responds while making love and what are the changes that take place.

The Female Body goes through these changes while making love and it is definitely fascinating!

1. Your breasts get bigger in size.

Well, this is a given secret. The first part of the body to respond are the breasts. They grow bigger while accepting the touch of a man and you’ll definitely notice the change.

2. Your private part changes.

Once the body is turned on the changes in the private part begins to occur. Your v*gina becomes mildly lubricated, blood is pumped more to these parts. Your cl*toris becomes sensitive and you begin to crave touch.

3. Erection.

Well, as opposed to boys, these erections can only be seen and felt by your partner and you. The n*pples on your breasts get erected and you also experience an erection in your cl*toris.

4. Your private part begins to self-lubricate.

This is one of the most common and necessary responses to making love. The v*gina begins to self-lubricate and you know that you crave your partner’s touch.


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