It seems like only yesterday that we were hoping that the wedding bells for Jelena are soon to be heard. But, fate can definitely be cruel and knows how to crush our dreams. Well, somethings things are just not meant to be. Okay, so, sob story aside, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Beiber’s engagement is now the talk of the town (read: world) and these two are the cutest couple on the internet now!

If these engagement pictures of Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin aren’t relationship goals, I don’t know what is!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been friends for quite a long time, and the fans were definitely guessing about something going on between the two. Though everybody knows how Hailey rooted for Selena and Justin to be together it wasn’t at all unexpected for the fans when the news of the two being engaged flooded the internet.

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Since their announcement, the two have been flooding the Instagram with heart-melting posts dedicated to each other and they definitely have us in awe. This recent post of the two sharing a passionate and heart-melting kiss in a hot-tub in their Miami vacation is definitely making us miss our partners as well.

Here are some of the pictures that are definitely stealing our hearts away!

1. This is exactly what PDA is all about!

2. Because love is all about wanting to be near each other all the time.

3. Grab your tissues, people.

4. Our secret Get-away (Well, not s secret anymore!)

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5. Happy vacation people!

6. Because you are definitely a team!

7. Couples that play together definitely stay together!

8. This is the most adorable picture of Justin Bieber ever!

9. Aww, these two look so cute together that I can’t help but grow over the fact that he chose Hailey over Selena.

10. This is exactly what happens when you’re an international star engaged to a supermodel, you never go out of style!

11. Can these two get any cuter than this?

12.  And he was like, Hailey, Hailey, Hailey, Ohhh!


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