Selena Gomez just turned 26! Can you just believe that? I mean, no one can. But, the worldwide crush of ours is getting hotter and hotter with each passing year. And, breakups do have such a positive aftermath. Justin Beiber, GO TO HELL! Because our dear girl is slaying the Instagram with her hottest pictures like a Queen!

These Hottest Pictures of Selena Gomez are living proof that beauty is real!

1. Beauty becomes you, Selena!

2. Classy and bold is a look that not everyone can pull off. But Selena is sure as hell a boss. 

3. You look so cute, I really adore the way she looks. No matter what she always has her bright smile on her face that makes it radiate like the morning light!

4. She surely knows how to raise the bar of hotness


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